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Scientist in the biology field interested in Theory and Structure of biological data---and, practice of research. @junhyongkim

The Mold in Science’s Bathroom

About once a month I notice the black smudge in the corner of my shower—it’s mold that I keep telling myself I need to take care of. But 29 other days, I don’t see it. If the same smudge was … Continue reading

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1st week teaching

Every year, I know less of about teaching—and, know less, period. I always give my students these slides, LearningtoLearn, from my wife Ingrid Olson on the cognitive science of learning.

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Don’t let the journals win

Recently, two somewhat different topics on the business of science came across my Twitter feed. The first was yet another push for “reproducibility in science” by 72 authors whose latest prescription was to set p = 0.005 (under Neyman-Pearson hypothesis … Continue reading

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