This blog was started because I mostly wanted to share some essays and conceptual notes I wrote. I am passionately interested in what I call “structure of organization”. That is, how things or inter-relationships are arranged to produce the observed dynamics. For example, ┬ámy original PhD dissertation was on the different dynamics observed in a chemostat versus a culture plate. I tried to see how a well mixed environment like a chemostat versus a structured environment like a culture plate determined the community ecology of organisms growing in these different structures. I like to analyze the structure of things to try to understand how the organizational architecture and constraints drive the time evolution of observed phenomena.

I have worked mostly in the area of using math, stat, and algorithms to analyze biological data. When I started in grad school we used to call this just Theoretical Biology–thus, the name TheoryB. Now, there are all kinds of specializations and names like Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Systems Biology, etc. I have been called at various times, Bioinformaticist, Computational Biologist, Genomicist, and more recently, Single Cell Biologist. I prefer the ambiguity of “Theory.”

This is a personal blog and all posts, opinions, and writings are mine and only mine with no associations to my employer or any other entities.